Anonymous asked: I don't even know you, but you shine like the moon. Brightest when I should be fast asleep, and dreaming about your light.

Please, come learn me. Ill open to you

Anonymous asked: I wish to bring you flowers from the freshly blossomed spring trees, write poems about your favorite stars, and sing you to sleep with lullabies.

Oh my. I think I love you. Please, be mine.


Pretend for a second we are infinite

multiply it by a thousand suns
and put it in the ground to give
fruit— that is us.

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I can’t sleep. Please, someone come hold me and love me and lull me to sleep.

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Sunrise at North Coast, Egypt.

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the little boy looked at the moon rise over the city
he grabbed his mother’s hand and asked her
"What is the moon trying to sell?"
and the little boy’s mother
just gripped his hand tighter
and walked a little faster.

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Do not look for me,
you are not supposed to.
Do not look for me when
the seasons change,
when the leaves shed their colour,
or even when they return;
do not look towards things that come and go,
because I will not be one amongst them.
Do not look for me in the mornings,
nor in the evenings,
nor any moment in between.
Not in the sun,
nor in the shade,
nor by bodies of water
in which you sometimes wonder
if I may have drowned.
In fact, I may have.
Do not look for me
in distant, foreign cities
among an ocean of unknown faces,
I would have blended right in.
Yes, I have certainly drowned, someplace.
None of the cars that stand still
just for a moment
at the traffic signals
on your way to work
will be driven by me.
You will not look up at the person
you bumped into clumsily
and find me smiling back.
Your mornings will start quietly,
but it will not be unusual.
And I will not be seated
alone on a stool
at your favourite coffee shop,
struggling to adjust
the perfect amount of sugar.
Do not look for me
in bookstores in the city
across the corner shelf
lined with Brecht and Beaumarchais,
neither the section which
never seemed to have any E.E. Cummings.
Do not look for me
behind your planters,
or in the midst of your closet,
or by your tall vase
of dried roses, the ones
you always insisted on keeping.
Do not look past the gates
towards the street while sitting
on your grandmother’s verandah
as drops of monsoon rain
litter the paved driveway.
I will not be in any of these places,
please, do not look for me.
Nav K (via navk)

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intanglible tremors

signals through the universe

from my brain to my hands

slow quivering antennas

slow simmering brothlike connections

wandering hovering around 

wondering what’s next

after entropy and heat death

decaying defrosting dementia. 

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Honey please, go find someone else to project your savior complex on.


Honey please, go find someone else to project your savior complex on.

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Last year I lived in a house of cards,
the walls held together by cracked beams
and plastered with fear.
It was a delicate place
and I came to love it.
Every morning I awoke
on a bed of dead roses
and I walked through rooms
cluttered with memories faded.
The floorboards always groaned
under my feet because they had grown
too thin for thoughts that lingered.
I made a home of dark corners,
the ones that spoke ignorance.
They were dusty with despair
and I never bothered with cleaning.
Every window was large
and structured on regret.
The drapes were woven with denial
and I kept them shut most days.
I painted every wall grey
because it was the only thing I knew,
I was neither this nor that,
I was an in-between.
— sincerely-conscience (04.20.14)

Batwing to bird eye
Crooked, so crooked I
Imprint in amber, petrified
Shattered skeleton purified

{a nervous wreck of anatomy
forest floor anomaly

& your constellation heart
drawn together by me
tracing infinity
against your skin}

A little victory
Razorblades and teeth
Artificial and so unsure
Hair in the sink

Blood dripping

[The look of doll eyes
Pressure to profess the truth
Exhale and sigh relief

I didn’t want this
in the first place]

rusting wire bedframes & you,
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X marking the spot


she gone
to the dogs

and every scrap of
sunshine she collected
was thrown
over the side

I laughed though
I couldn’t
stand in
the sidewalk—
it was under-
water or melted

cant remember

shook this ground, baby
lost my place and
a foot off
the trail

gone cold
to the dawn

and every bit
of it
was found
on the roadside

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our silence is a splinter in my lip,
my loneliness sleeps in literature
and drools across myriad pages—
i cradle our junkyard dreams.
hoarded eyelashes
and birthday candles—
a retired genie in a baby bottle.
the sand in our hourglass
is woozy, the blood in our
veins is grieving. 
you are a needle pricking
at this burdensome silence,
but i’m starting to forget
what your voice sounds like.


made up dreams seep into my paper as I write you letters that you will never read. the rains soaks these boots I wear and parts of me can be found in the river you tossed me in.

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